GP visiting card/ dla dzieci poniżej 6 roku życia

W związku z rozpoczętym procesem zapisywania się do naszej przychodni dzieci na program "under 6's" uprzejmie przypominamy, że akceptacja wniosków złożonych online, podobnie jak w przypadku kart medycznych, będzie następować dopiero po uzyskaniu akceptacji wniosku bezpośrednio złożonego w naszej przychodni. Złożenie wniosku on line bez powyższej akceptacji może skutkować przedłużeniem czasu oczekiwania na akceptację lub odrzuceniem wniosku złożonego w internecie

Konieczność składnia wniosków w przychodni NIE DOTYCZY
1. rodziców dzieci korzystających z naszych usług regularnie w ciągu ostatniego roku
2. pacjentów z kartami medycznymi lub GP Visit Card zapisanymi już do Dr Sulmowskiego (ta grupa pacjentów automatycznie zostaje zarejestrowana przez HSE do programu "Under 6s").
3. dzieci korzystających w naszej przychodni z programu bezpłatnych szczepień oraz 2 i 6 tygodniowych checkup-ów

W razie problemów z rejestracją przez internet prosimy o kontakt z sekretariatem.

W związku z rozpoczynającym się nowym programem prosimy rodziców o zapoznanie się z poniższymi informacjami.

Dear Parent,
Below is some important information on the recent changes to GP care for for children. Please read carefully, so that you may avail of this new service.

Scheme Outline

This scheme, introduced by the Government and subject to terms and conditions set out by the Health Service Executive, is available to all children aged under 6, permanently living in Ireland.

It commences July 1st 2015 if you have signed up and have been accepted by a GP

Please Note: While all children are entitled to free GP Care, it can only be availed of by those who have signed up with, submit an application in our surgery and have been accepted by, a participating GP.

How To Sign Up

Simply log onto and select our surgery

What information do I need to register?
– Your Child or Children’s PPS number
– Your PPS number and contact details

Once we have been notified by the HSE of your choice of GP, we will endeavour to accept you onto our panel within as short a timeframe as possible.

Do I get a GP Visit Card for my child or children?
Yes, once the registration of your child or children is complete a GP Visit Card for children under 6, will be posted, to the address provided, for each eligible child.

What is Covered by the new contract fo children:

Put simply, all the normal acute medical care needs of your Under 6 child is covered.

Periodic Assessments

At the age of 2 and 5, the child is entitled to a Periodic Assessment. This simply involves the measurement of your child’s weight and height by the Practice. These are quick and simple measurements. It can be preformed by nurse or doctor.

Asthma Assessments

Asthma Assessments are provided for those between 2 and 6 diagnosed with Asthma. This entails a special review 3 months after a new diagnosis, and an Annual Review. Influenza Vaccination is also highly recommended. This will take place in September and early October each year.

What is Not Covered by the Scheme:

While the Under 6 GP scheme covers most routine needs of your child, it doesn’t cover non-medical tasks that have often been carried out by your GP.

While these can still be facilitated, if needed, they will now incur a Fee, even if you are otherwise covered by the Under 6 Free GP Care Scheme.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of items not covered, as suggested by the H.S.E
(ask about spcecific fee in our secretary)

Travel vaccinations, Paediatric phlebotomy,

Passport / identity reports / letters, Crèche reports,

Utilities reports / letters, Insurance medicals / reports,

School attendance notes / certificates, Sports medicals / reports,

Letters in support of applications for services under the Social Welfare Acts (Housing, Clothing etc)

What does a Parent do for Out of Hours care?

Where a child needs to be seen outside of normal working hours then RoyalMed Health Centre is a member of the Shannondoc Services. In Limerick located in the buildings opposite to University Hospital. Earlier appointment necessary.

Open Monday to Friday 6pm to 8am and 24 hours a day on Weekends, Bank Holidays, Christmas, New Years etc.

Shannondoc is the ONLY Out Of Hours Service we recommend to our patients.

Will I have to pay for medicines prescribed by my GP for my children under 6 years?

The GP Visit Card for children under 6 does not cover the cost of medications prescribed by a GP or hospital charges.